The You Go Girls “Y’all Don’t Want Me To Beg”

Red Love Productions presents The You Go Girls in
“Ya’ll Don’t Want Me To Beg”
with David Eaton, Cullen McDorman, Taryn Chesshire, Patrick Worley, Jarrod Coleman, Kittie Storey, Homebirth, Neighbor Ryan, and Camp Howard & Friends!
Filmed by Adam Weatherford on Halloween 2015!


Desperate Measures

Produced & Directed by John Stone and Shawn Jones. Written & Edited by John Stone. Music by Pete Curry. Starring Abe, Brent and Blue Stubblefield. Special Thanks: Tripper.

We made this short for American University’s Global Eco-Comedy Film Competition. We didn’t win but it was a great exercise!

Craptain Jack & the Shmees “Blackfin the Shark”

I saw these guys over the weekend at Riverside Riot 3 in Danville, Virginia, thought I’d share this video of the one and only pirate metal rulers of the Dan – Craptain Jack and the Shmees! This video was shot November 2014 at Strange Matter in Richmond, VA by Shawn and edited by Robby!

Check out Robby’s YouTube channel for tons and tons of awesome!




We found a call for entries on Saturday, shot a film on Sunday, edited on Monday, music on Tuesday, sent it in on Wednesday.

“From a distant future world time, one thrill-seeker is on a quest for the mythical hot dog, will he find it before The PeTA BOT 230 finds him…?”

“Meatless”, the third and by far crappiest project by Red Love Productions, is a ridiculously goofy short film made for Studio Two Three Sci-Fi Film Fest.

The film won “People’s Choice” at the Studio Two Three Sci-Fi Film Fest!

Dead Motherfucker

DMFposterOur first film!

A 70’s style motorcycle exploitation short. Produced and Directed by John Stone and Shawn Everett Jones

Associate Producer/Assistant Director: Robby Scarce.

Starring: Laurie Lay, Abby Otte, Jeff Springs, Justin Brickett, Tripper Christie, John Stone and Shawn Everett Jones

With: Robby Scarce, Jack Bauer, Mark Gibson, Kelsey Hulvey, John Bliss, Addison Johnson, Clark Endy, Jarrod Coleman, Caitlin Archambault, Carrie Nauman, Jenny Rockwell, Derek Farley, Kallen Bliss, and Mason Gainey

The film premiered at “Direct to Video 4” a short film fest at The Historic Byrd Theatre, August, 2015.

Pete Curry “Chevy Van”

new 047Our first project!

Filmed in the historic Oregon Hill community of Richmond, VA in February 2015. “Chevy Van” is a single from Pete Curry’s debut solo album, “Advice on Love” available on Crystal Pistol Records.

Directed by John Stone, Pete Curry and Shawn Everett Jones.

Featuring The Wizard Van. Starring The Wizard Wayne Snyder, Pete Curry, John Stone, Shawn Jones, Robby Scarce, John Bliss, Killian Laudenbach, Carrie Nauman, Caitlin Archambault, Taryn Chesshire, Abby Otte, McKinsey Deese, Doug Fuller, Joey Kingsley, Joe Hawkins, Justin Black, Joe Roberts, Liz Buikema, Tina Fairman, Allison Warth, and Addison Johnson. With Raven, Minnie Pearl, and Birdy.

“Chevy Van” was screened in March 2015 at the music video edition of Project Resolution at Gallery 5.